Our publications take a leading positions in the industry:

Applied scientific peer-reviewed journal
“Analytic expertise and qualimetry”

Information project “GMP News”

Research and Production peer-reviewed journal
“Drugs Development and Registration”

We cover more than 80% of the field info space:

Information & analytical portal “Remedium”
Current information in the field of medicine, pharmacy,
pharmaceuticals and health care

A leading information & analytical publication
for specialists of the Russian pharmaceutical market

The informational project “GMPnews.RU
Overview news online resource
about production pharmaceutical themes

Organization participated in more than 100 major industry events of Russia and CIS

We have already created over 1000 of advanced
and unique Internet sites

Pharmcontract Media

We are an advertising and marketing company focused on generation of successful goodwill of enterprises in the chemical and pharmaceutical sector.

Congress & exhibition activities

Pharmcontract Media focuses on orchestrating of communicative cooperation of any type: from business lunches to global forums.

In the terms of a comprehensive approach, the specialists of our company will offer services, which are highly sought among both congress providers and exhibition participants (exhibitors).

More about events

Pharmcontract Media is the leading advertizing-marketing company specializing in the generation of successful goodwill of enterprises in the chemical-pharmaceutical sector.

  • Organization of presentations, holding of exhibitions, congresses, round-table conferences, discussion groups, and symposiums.

  • Selection of the site for the event (at your disposal are the following sites: RUIE, CCI, and WTC for execution of business lunches and round-table conferences; meeting halls of the most famous business centers and hotels in Moscow, the largest exhibition centers, professorial chairs of relevant institutions and etc).

  • The formation of a business program and engagement of the industry leading experts, including those with international statuses (WHO experts) and representatives of relevant government authorities.

  • The arrangement of opinion polls, short-time- and social researches, and rating formation.

  • Development of sponsorship and exhibitor’s packages.

Seminars and conferences

Annually, Pharmcontract Media organizes and conducts upward more than 50 the most popular and massive conferences and seminars, including Russian regions. There are among participants director of quality control from the largest world pharmaceutical companies that have representation in Russia.

  • Event management in terms of the main discourse in the vision of corporate business interests, presentations making.

  • Research and Practice Seminars on current manufacturing techniques of medical and pharmaceutical products.

  • Informational and tutorial seminars on standard and regulatory technical documentation in drug manufacturing.

Publishing activities
What we offer
  • Selection of writers, reviewers, layout editors, proof-readers, translators, the formation of editorial teams with international participation in particular.

  • Preparation/selection of necessary material with theoretic and experimental findings and essential statistical data.

  • Preparation and execution of articles in accordance with specific requirements of the world’s leading libraries, Russian and foreign peer-reviewed journals with a high citation index.

  • Development, preparation, and execution of a design layout of a publication, writing of an annotation and greeting on behalf of a team of contributors that will definitely arrest the readers’ attention.

  • Organization of your material publication: working with printing-offices, a layout preparation according to printing-office requirements.

  • Getting a number of ISBN, ISSN, and license of the Russian Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications, and Higher Attestation Commission shortlisting.

  • Circulation of your publication, sales system management (selling), cooperation with the state’s largest library stocks, mailing companies, and Internet shops.

  • The performance of promotion actions and presentations of a released product at mass media sites and specialized exhibitions.

Creative design studio
Logo design Logo design
Corporate identity Corporate identity
Printing Printing
Pictures/3D Pictures/3D
Web design Web design
POS materials POS materials
Packing/labeling Packing/labeling
Outdoor advertising Outdoor advertising

We are effectively working in the sphere of contemporary design development,
helping our clients move their businesses to a new level.

Our team of genuine specialists with solid experience in project implementation is working with over a hundred of clients throughout Russia.

years at the market
of clients are utterly satisfied with results of cooperation
Complex promotion of industry-specific websites
We are promoting over
Our coverage is above
of Russian cities
Growth of traffic
within 3 months

We provide a complex approach in the following directions:


Social marketing

Contextual advertising


Website promotion with pay per a click

Website promotion with pay for traffic

Website promotion with pay per a request

Publics keeping

Targeted advertising

Reputation marketing

Google Adwords

Yandex Direct


Smart SEO-optimized content

Professional content presentation

Texts translation from any languages

We quickly gained the confidence of our clients because we charge ourselves with YOUR brand. Our expert, SEO-optimized publications are found in the most famous industrial web resources that are written by professional journalists, either of which has a 100% knowledge of the field.

What makes us so prioritized and trusted by the clients? Our special care for YOUR brand, of course!
We will provide a full spectrum of services from designing to programming works. Our expert papers are found in the most prestigious industrial publications, which written by professional journalists, either of which has a thorough knowledge of their field.

We developed our own algorithm of:
  • Increase in sales,
  • Conversion analysis,
  • Search engines optimization.
Modern tools of
PR technologies
We’ve successfully
completed over
publications in mass media
More than
of clients choose
a long-term

How we work:

Primary monitoring mentions
of a brand/product

Definition of sources
with unreliable

Development of the
information field
improvement strategy

The majority of companies have at least one public relation specialist in their staff. However, this staff should be bigger in order to generate confidence and maintain interest in an enterprise and its products, introduce information promptly, and provide a continuous presence of a company in the media landscape.

If you don’t want to increase expenses on maintenance of a PR department and you urgently need a short-term effect at minimum cost, you can involve a professional agency or conclude a long-term contract with them at any time.

During the job, our PR-team focuses on a holistic approach and turnkey work. In order to deliver an exclusive advertising content that will make your products stand out against the others of the same kind, you will be given a manager, who will attend a project up to its introduction into the media scene.

  • Development and formation of your company’s brand book

  • Formation and distribution of your brand and a company rebranding without loss of a target audience

  • Provision of your company presentation in the media landscape: publication management on the pages of national, local, sociopolitical, and industrial mass media

  • Arrangement of press releases, press kits and post-event press releases

  • Media card formation

  • PVI index calculation

  • An informational and communication strategy development, definition of a mission, strategy, tasks, and objectives of a company

  • News opportunity creation and information management

  • News preparations

  • Press Service in outsourcing

  • Indirect advertising, the 25th frame, the product placement and life placement technologies in the cinema and books for the bulk audience, ATL and BTL advertising

Development, modernization of web resources
and software applications

Landing page

Corporate site

Online shop

CRM systems

10-day start

Selling structure

From 1 to several services

Unique web design

Intuitive content management system

Effective development and promotion

Convenient checkout form

Reliable payment and booking services

User-friendly formation of a shopping cart

Identify demands

Implement and train the employees

Provide a system complex technical support


Pharmcontract Media LLC

Business hours: 10-20 daily, except Saturdays, Sundays and big federal holidays

Our phone number: +7 (915) 067-04-68

Our email: info@phct-media.ru

Our address: 115054, Moscow, 57 Dubininskaya Street, 2nd Block, 3rd Floor

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